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Kitchen Object of Desire 2

Object of desire number 2: The Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

It is with some trepidation that I offer up the Masterbuilt electric smoker as my second kitchen object of desire. You can’t actually use it in your kitchen and pitmasters everywhere hate them.

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Nine Kitchen Objects of Desire

In 1996 Suzanne Vega dropped her album, Nine Objects of Desire, and not long after, you could hear her unique, unmistakable, smooth caramel and cinnamon voice emanating from radios around the world. Recently, the album found its way back into my life and I can’t get the title off my mind. 

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Asian Sweet Potato Noodle Salad In A Hurry!


It may not always seem like it but I struggle to write blogs that accompany my recipes. They are written and then sent to my dear friend Allison for extensive editing. She understands my very Southern way of thinking and is able to work some magic and keep me from sounding like something from the cornfield on Hee-Haw!

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Gochujang Chicken

Good news: Guchujang Korean pepper paste has finally hit mainstream grocery stores here in the South! When you first see the name and the firecracker red container of Gochujang paste on the store shelf you can’t help but think it promises something special.

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