About Jeffery Dewberry

I am Jeffery Dewberry and I love food. I always have. When I was a kid, I would never get out of the kitchen, no matter how many times mama told me to. I finished breakfast and immediately wanted to know what was for lunch and then asked what was for dinner after that—often as I reached for a snack. I was always ready to eat. Even now that I’m well into adulthood, before I go to bed, I read cookbooks and plan out my meals for the day. Yeah, I’m obsessed.

That obsession led me to pursue a career in food. I am a graduate of the Atlanta Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts, a place that opened my eyes to the world of food through cooking. I loved learning the skills and techniques that make for good cooking—all the “secrets” the professionals were willing to reveal. Over time, I’ve honed those skills and picked up new ones. They’ve given me the ability to tackle any recipe with confidence—even if I decide to throw the directions out the window and do it my way!

Along my cooking journey, I was cast in Season 1 of Hell’s Kitchen with (not to insult the Devil) Sir Satan himself, Gordon Ramsey. Being yelled at by Gordon was a crazy experience. How many people can say they stood side-by-side in a kitchen with a world-class chef, cleaning squid as he made jokes about a cucumber? Or looked at Gordon like he was nuts for insisting that mashed potatoes be run through a food mill several times (that’s nonsense to me!) While I didn’t win Hell’s Kitchen, I did connect with viewers who, more than a decade later, still come up to me to say, “Hi,” and tell me they loved me on the show.

In this next chapter of my culinary journey, I’m bringing my Southern style cooking to you. Please join me as I explore the world of food from my home kitchen in Atlanta. I plan to show you what I’m cooking and eating now! Through the power of the Internet and the ease of travel, we have access to flavors and cooking ideas from every corner of the globe. I want us to taste them all! Let’s get started.